Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hello Everyone, Today was a very tiring day at work but I managed to eat right throughout. Breakfast was my usual: Ricotta Toast. I'm thinking about changing this up tomorrow, I will keep you posted. Lunch was my own south indian inspired, yogurt rice dish. Ill post the recipe tomorrow :-). Later on, I did have a larabar for a snack. I also had a blood orange. Hey, they are in season somewhere. Dinner tonight will be my own Mexican concoction. I'm thinking brown rice, beans, avocado and some veggies. I'll definitely take pictures. So, I'm trying to workout five days a week. My schedule is: Monday -workout Tuesday -workout Wednesday -rest Thursday -workout Friday -workout Saturday -workout Sunday -rest Going by this, my rest day is today, which is good because I'm exhausted and still have to make dinner and do laundry. Today was also a go to work in my glasses day!

Oh, I weighed myself this morning. I'm down .3 pounds from last week. Not bad! So far I have not gained any weight!!! Yay, go me. How did your day go?

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