Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hi everyone, Today was another good day! You may have already read how I started my day, with a wonderful breakfast. Lunch was a wonderful Mediterranean pasta salad that I made. I'll give you the recipe tomorrow, but tease you with a photo now :-p

Dinner was another creation of mine. I don't have a name for it now, but was inspired by a south Indian yogurt rice dish. I'll think of a name and post the deets. My go to snack for the day was a peanut butter larabar. Oh sooooo good, but they can be a bit expensive. I'm working on creating my own version of larabars which would be much cheaper! Lastly, I managed to get my workout in today. I did thirty minutes on the arc trainer and then did 90 crunches. I feel good. How are you guys doing?

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