Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Snack time...

Here is a little snack that held me over for a little bit and it was under 100 calories! Here are the 1/4c of part skim shredded cheese 1TB of salsa of your choice Mix together and enjoy! 90 calories 2 points


Hello Everyone, So today I managed to stay in my senses and had a filling nutritious breakfast worth decent points and calories. Today I had my pb and banana, cereal bowl. Yup, one and a half tablespoons of chunky pb with a small banana, sliced and a half cup of cereal. All for 6 points and 340 calories. I was also full until lunch time :-)

It's a Subway dinner....

Armed with only 4 points left in the day, I needed to think quick for dinner. I decided to get a 6 inch veggie sub a Subway for 4 points. This managed to keep me full! As I always say, when in doubt....go for Subway!

Chop't Mexican Steak Salad

Yesterday after my so not worth it 7 point yogurt breakfast I waited until 1pm to finally have my lunch! I decided to get a salad from Chop't, a highly addictive salad joint in the city. Now, just because it's a salad don't be fooled that it's low in points. In fact it's quite the opposite! I ordered the Mexican steak salad with the spa ranch. This baby was 9points!! However, unlike my morning yogurt which only kept me full a couple of hours, my Chop't salad kept me full straight until dinnertime. So, the Chop't Mexican steak salad was totally worth the points and all 425 calories!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Was it worth it...

So, let's play a game of 'Was It Worth It'. This morning for breakfast I had Honey and Strawberry Greek Yogurt, by Greek Gods. Of course I did not have the non fat or even 2% version of this (otherwise this game would not be fun :-p). Instead, I had the full fat version, and the serving size was one cup. The points value for just one cup of this delicious yogurt is 7 points!!! So, I thought, sure I've had 7 point breakfasts before and I've been completely full until lunch time. So, if this will keep me full until lunch time, why not try this?
I had this yogurt at 9:00am, by 11:00am, I was hungry, however I am waiting until lunch time to eat anything.
So, was it worth it....NO! If you do want yogurt for breakfast, get the non fat or 2% and have something else. Seven points is a lot for breakfast and you can definitely have something more filling. Better yet, have half the serving of this yogurt and some granola...that ought to keep you much more fuller for longer!

Fourth of July Weekend...

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!! My weekend was very nice and I was able to get tons of activity in with row boating, paddling and volleyball. Definitely a fun calorie burned weekend! This was also a weekend of calorie consuming...oh yes there was definitely a lot of food around. Here's the real deal readers....I did not count calories or points, but I know I sure did eat A LOT in three days!! I'm not going to lie, there were waffles, pancakes, burgers, crab cakes, pizza etc. Lot's and lot's of food, all of which were no good. Now that the weekend is over, the only thing left to do is get back to the grind and start eating my normal regular foods! How was your weekend?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fiber Filled, Protein Packed Breakfast

Good Morning Everyone, How are you all doing? Since it was a little chilly for me this morning, I decided to have a warm breakfast. I made a healthy fiber filled, protein packed breakfast of oatmeal. Here are the deets: 1/2 cup of oatmeal cooked in one cup of skim milk. 1/4c of fat free ricotta cheese stirred in 1TB. of chunky PB stirred in Cinnamon also stirred in My breakfast was quite high in point (7.5 to be exact), but ranked in at 380 calories., which will probably keep me full until lunch time - I hope. The good thing about this breafast is it's very nutritionally packed with fiber, protein and healthy fats. What did you guys have for breakfast?