Monday, March 28, 2011

The Cinch!...AGAIN!

Good Morning All,
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! So, last week my dear friend and coworker, Vianny asked if I would be willing to do the five day fast forward plan of The Cinch! with her. I've already tried this in February, with success and have not gained any of the weight back, as I'm doing a good job with maintaining.
I decided to go ahead and do this but tweak it just a teensy weensy bit. One of the things that irked me the first time I did this was the amount of raspberries that needed to be eaten. I LIKE raspberries, not LOVE them and to be having so many in a day really got to me. Last time, by the end of the fifth day, I did not want to look at another raspberry! The good thing about The Cinch! is you could substitute any berry and still get the same result. So, for today, I'm subbing the raspberries for blueberries.
Now, the typical Cinch! breakfast is an egg scramble with sauteed spinach and a cup of raspberries and slivered almonds on the side. I decided to have a hard boiled egg sprinkled with onion powder with spinach on the side. I had a cup of blueberries and 10 whole almonds, which I'm thinking is about 2TB chopped or slivered. So, that was breakfast. I'm guessing The Cinch! will be much easier for me this time around because I've already adapted the ways of eating.
Question of the day: What's your favorite berry and how do you like to eat it?

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