Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breakfast: Toast with Almond Ricotta and Nectarine

Hello Everyone,

So, I'm going to try to bring you one Cinch! recipe, that I have
created, a day. Today, I'd like to share one of my favorite
breakfasts which is a fruit and almond spread on toast.  I love this breakfast because it keeps me quite full and energized.

1 slice of whole grain toast
1/4c of skim ricotta cheese
2TB of slivered or sliced almonds (I like slivered)
1 nectarine, diced
1tsp of cinnamon

Place the ricotta, almonds, nectarine and cinnamon in a bowl. Stir to combine. Top toast with spread. Enjoy!!

Here's how this meal shapes up:
Whole grain: bread
Lean protein: skim ricotta
Plant fat: almonds
Produce: nectarine
Sass: cinnamon

If you're following Weight Watchers, this meal comes out to 5 points.

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