Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My little setback...

Yesterday, I had a great breakfast and an awesome lunch!  My little set back came in after lunch.  This is what happens when I don't come prepared. If I need a snack and do not have a healthy one on me, I grab for whatever I can find.  Yesterday I found a bag of granola and coconut milk.  Sure, these are healthy things to eat, but only if you eat ONE portion. I probably finished the whole bag of granola with coconut, even though I was full after a serving!

Dinner felt like an even bigger disaster!  I went to the Indian street in Jersey City and checked a new joint that opened up, called Chore Baazar.  The theme of this place was good, but the food and chai was not that great.  I did have a craving for biryani and ordered that from Lucky's Biryani stall.  First of all, the biryani did not taste that good, second of all, they were out of the mirch ka salan, third of all, I asked for hot oil and they gave me mint chutney.  I don't know if it was just Lucky's being like or if the whole joint is like this.  I may give Chore Bazaar one more shot, just to check out another stall and see how the food is.  The service was good and so were the portions.

So, I did eat the biryani for dinner.  The overload of granola and biryani has made me feel very sluggish and bloated this morning and I do feel like doing a lot of clean eating today, such as a salad for lunch.  This morning's breakfast was oatmeal with raisins and almonds.  I plan on eating right through out the rest of the day.  Even though I had a set back yesterday, it's exactly that, just a temporary set back.  This really did not effect my weight, just my mood and energy.  I also did not work out yesterday, which did not help me either.

Ugh, I do feel out of it today :-(

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  1. AUGGHHHH commented on your blog and now it's disappeared. It's me. Anyway, what I said was basically that we learn from our mistakes and that I found something Bobby Flay said very enlightening. He said he only eats 75% of his portions, and never eats anything that doesn't taste good. I'm sure you were hungry after a day at work and just wanted nourishment, but it's a good lesson, not to chow down on anything that isn't absolutely DELISH! Hugs!!