Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yesterday's Update....

Hey Guys, Sorry I was a bit M.I.A yesterday. I am here know to update you on yesterdays food adventures! I started off my day with my usual PB, cereal and fruit combo. This time I used an apple instead of a banana and I used Kashi Heart to Heart cereal. Using an apple saved me .5pts. So my breakfast turned out to be five points. This really kept me full until lunch time. Lunch was very simple. I wanted to finish up the Yoplait Greek yogurt I bought, so I had a container of that with half cup of Kashi cereal. This lunch was only 4pts. and I was hungry within a few hours. For a snack I had a quarter cup of Kashi(I guess you can say it was a Kashi day) with a tablespoon of PB. This was a 3pt. snack. After I left work I had a two point Kashi granola bar. Dinner was a four point pasta and sauce, but I only ate half...I think the Kashi's of the day were just filling me up! A couple of hours after dinner I had a Skinny Cow Ice Cream sandwich. Now this was the best part of my day :-) :-). I'll post a review on this later. So, my goal for today is too incorporate more fruits and veggies and less Kashi. How did you all do yesterday?

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