Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guesstimating Dinner Last Night...

Last night for dinner I had Channa Masala. Honestly, I'm guesstimating the points on this because I did not make this. I did have this with two tortilla's, which I know were 1 point each, so that's atleast 2 points there. Also, I did not have more than one serving of the Channa Masala, and I think I had about a cup and a half. Therefore, I'm guesstimating the Channa Masala to be about 6 points. This would bring my dinner to a guesstimate of 8 points. Not bad, I went over my daily points by .5 so I delved into my extra weekly point allowance. I also have activity points ranked up, but I try not to use them. After dinner I watched Losing It With Jillian...anyone else catch this show? What did you guys have for dinner?


  1. Hey Kanwal, on the WW site channa masala is 7 points for half a cup.

    I love the new show with Jillian. It is very inspiring but my question would be are people sticking with it?

    I am trying to get back with WW since I kind of plateaued a little and was not happy with the results.

    For dinner, I had fresh mango pulp which I counted as mango nectar and hyacinth beans cooked.

  2. That's a lot of points for Channa Masala :-(

    Just jump right back into WW...YOU CAN DO IT!!! :-)