Monday, June 14, 2010

My day so far...

Hello Blog Readers! Ok, where do I start? How about it's 7pm and I have four points left for dinner!!!!! WHAT THE H?!?!? So, thus far today I have had my breakfast which consisted of pb, kashi go lean crunch and a banana, all mixed together. This was 7pts. Lunch was bulgur and veggies for 5pts. I also had a yogurt and cereal snack for 3.5pts. Those three items cost me nearly 16pts. Now, I've realized breakfast is so high in points because even a small banana is1.5pts. Maybe next time I should try having an apple for 1pt? Or since the pb is 5pts. for two table spoons, maybe just have 1 1/2 TB? This alone would save me 1.5pts. Hmm....things I should consider. Lunch- sorry, I think 5pts. for lunch is acceptable. My snack- I think a 3.5pt.snack is very high. I used a 3pt. yogurt and I should have used a 2pt. This would have saved me 1pt at least. So, there are ways to make this better, but right now I'm trying to figure out my 4pt. dinner :-p How did your day go?

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