Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Doing the Double D's for Breakfast....

For breakfast this morning I had Dunkin Donut's Turkey Sausage Eggwhite Flatbread Sandwhich. This is a totally filling breakfast for 6 points. Yes, this is more than I usually have for breakfast, but I know this will keep me full til lunch time, and I will probably not need my 2 point snack between breakfast and lunch. DD's Eggwhite Flatbread sandwhiches are great for an on the go morning breakfast. On one flatbread you get a fluffy eggwhite omelet with a little bit of cheese. All of this has been oven toasted which makes it extra special! FYI...the regular flatbread sandwhiches rank in at about 12 points. The eggwhite turkey and eggwhite veggie have a decent 6 points.
Woohoo...go DD!!!!

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