Friday, June 11, 2010

Kebabs for dinner...

Last night for dinner I went out for Indian food. I had a craving for Tandoori Vegetable Kebabs from Horn OK in Jersey City. Horn OK's food is delicious and the atmosphere is colorful. So, I ordered the Vegetable Tandoor Kebabs which consisted of a couple of broccoli florets, a couple of cauliflower florets, a few green peppers and onions, and two pieces of paneer. I ate everything but the one piece of paneer. These kebabs are soooo good! They are tangy and spicy and look as if they have been cooked on an open fire with just a slight char. I tried to get the recipe for this but they refused to give it to me :-( This weekend I'll have to try to come up with a similar recipe..somehow! I ate all the vegetables and no bread or rice. I also ate a ton of green chili's....I know that's 0 points. So, my issue is, finding out how many points the kebabs were. Now, alone, the veggies have no points. Any spices that were used are probably no points as well. However, the tanginess that I was telling you about earlier, I think that is from yogurt. I don't know if the used full fat yogurt, low fat or even fat free. So, any help with guesstimating these points guys?

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