Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dinner time....

Well since I know I was a little clumsy during my snack, I knew I had to think of a healthy low point dinner. I decided to make myself an egg white wrap. This wrap was full of protein and very filling. Here are the deets: One wrap, use a one point one One egg white Small handful of chopped spinach 1 slice of reduced fat Swiss cheese Salt/pepper/garlic powder Cooking spray Preparation: Combine the egg white, spinach and seasonings in a bowl. Spray a sauté pan with the cooking spray and cook the egg white mixture. Once cooked, place on wrap, then add the cheese. Fold wrap up and enjoy! Servings: 1 points: 3


  1. I think this is what I want for dinner tonight.

  2. It was pretty satisfying... is so low in points that you can even have two!