Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peanut Butter and Banana....

Good Morning Everyone, So, in an effort to eat more natural foods, I decided to see how full I would be from eating just a banana with 1.5TB of natural peanut butter. So far so good. It's been half an hour and I'm still full...YAY!!! This hopefully filling breakfast ranks in at 5WW points. An interesting thing I noticed top was a bit loose on me!! This calls for another YAY!!! I also randomly went out and bought a bunch of fruits and veggies, all of which I plan on consuming in some shape or form today. Here's what I bought: canteloupe avocado cucumbers tomato lemon blueberries spinach I see a salad brewing for lunch, but as always, I will keep you all posted. Anyone watch Losing It With Jillian last night? How are you all doing?

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