Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches...

I told you guys I would post my review for Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches and here it is. THIS IS SO RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!!! For only two points you so get your iced cream sandwich fix. What else could you want on a hot summer day. These ice cream sandwiches are perfect for the occasional creamy, frozen treat! Also, these sandwiches are not skimpy. For two points you get a more than decent, filling size ice cream sandwich. These babies do not leave behind a gritty after taste like other low calorie frozen treats do. These come in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. Here are the deets on the ice cream sandwiches: Calories: 140 Fat: 1.5g Fiber: 3g WW pts: 2 Should you try this: YES


  1. They also come in strawberry, peanut butter, and mint!

  2. Good to know! I'll have to see if I can buy the mint flavored one today.