Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Shortly after my wonderful Lentil Salad lunch I went on a snacking fritz. Although I snacked a lot, I still stayed within my points range and chose healthy snacks. I started off by having a half cup of Kashi Heart to Heart cereal with a quarter cup of fresh blueberries. This snack was only 1 point. About an hour later I had my All Bran crackers. This was 2 pts per serving. Shortly after this I had an Oikos yogurt with a quarter cup of cereal. This was 3 pts and my last snack for the day. Now, here is what I'm wondering: if I had a higher point lunch would I have needed to snack as much? I had my breakfast at 9:00am and this was a 6pt meal. I did not have the urge to snack in between breakfast and lunch at all. In fact, this kept me full for 4.5 hours! Sure, if I have a higher point lunch I'll still use the same amount of points as if I have been snacking, but at least I'll feel full and not keep having to go back for snacks. So, here is what I'm going to do tomorrow: I'm going to have a 6pt breakfast, a 6pt lunch and a 6pt dinner. Let's see how this works out. How have you guys been doing today? PS: I was also able to get to the gym and get some activity points earned :-)

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