Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Can Madhur's Meals Make Me Skinny...

Yesterday I made my first Madhur Jaffrey meal...Lentil with Onion and Garlic, a Middle Eastern dish. This recipe was so easy and seemed very healthy to me. The recipe only calls for onion, garlic, dried red chili and green lentils. Mrs. Jaffrey used 3TB of EVOO, but I was able to make the whole recipe with only 1TB, and still was able to make the four servings. Also, the recipe suggests eating this with pita or any other type of Middle Eastern bread. I, however decided to have this with bulgur and this seemed to pair up perfectly. So, lunch today was bulgur with green lentils. Very filling and full of fiber, protein and flavor. All for 5 WW pts. I will post a pic tonight!

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