Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Black Bean Burger Mystery: The Suspects...

Now that you all know the background to this mystery, lets have a looksie at our suspects....

Homemade black bean burger.  Suspect has proteins and carbs, yet claims to be filled with fiber.

Accomplice 1:  Side Salad
The side salad, although little effort was put in, the side salad made a big impact to the fulfillment of the meal.  Are cucumbers and tomatoes really to blame for the full flavor of the meal.

Accomplice 2:  Arnolds Sandwich Thin
Claims to fill the place of a regular bun with half the calories and twice the fiber.  It's a thin line to break a bad habit of over indulgence.

Accomplice 3:  Newman's Own Light Balsamic
Is this really Light or do I sense a back stab of full fat flavored dressing?

Could this homemade black bean burger really create a filling lunch?  What exactly is this made of?  How did the suspect taste?  These and many other questions hope to be answered soon....

caugh in the act!

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