Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finally Met Jillian Michaels...

Well, hello hello.  So, last night was quite an event.  Totally last minute, I decided to go to Jillian Michael's booking signing for her new book, "Unlimited".  The book signing was in Borders in Columbus Circle. Jillian was there and so were a few members of The Biggest Loser, past and present.  I didn't really recognize any of the present ones since I have not been watching this season.  I waited nearly four hours, standing in line for Jillian to autograph my book!  The reason why it took so long is she gets personal with everyone and with nearly 400 people there, this took a while.  What I should have done was gone to Borders and gotten a bracelet earlier (you can't get in without a bracelet).  The bracelet has your line number on it.  Since I decided to go last minute, my line number was pretty high :-\

Me and Jillian
As expected, when my turn finally came, Jillian was sweet and very tiny!  It was worth waiting in line!

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