Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Making Dinner into Dessert

Today's dinner was dessert :-) Again, on this hot day I wanted something cold. So, I decided on another yogurt bowl. Then I realized I ran out of peanut butter, so I went to the store next door to pick some up. This is where I found Justin's CHOCOLATE Almond Butter. This immediately made me :-) :-). Noticing that the nutritional stats were not too different from Justin's regular almond butter, I decided to try the chocolate one out.

I went back to my apartment and opened the jar of nut butter and ate a spoonful. O.M.G.!!! This stuff is deliciously dangerous. So nutty and chocolatey, ah, the best of both worlds! I quickly put some non fat Greek yogurt in a bowl, topped it with some chocolate almond butter, added some whole almonds(12) and a few chocolate chips. I stirred this baby up and finished it right up. This was seriously delicious. I am now afraid to have this jar of chocolate almond butter in my apartment. I fear this 16oz jar will be finished by tomorrow :-/ Ooooh, the goodness!

Do you guys eat a lot of peanut butter or almond butter?

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