Friday, July 15, 2011

Kanwal & Tika's Lunch Adventure

Every week Tika (my college roomie and friend) try to find a good asian restaurant to go to. Luckily we work close enough together to meet up and explore the options in our area. The past few weeks we've had Korean, yet we still have not found a good place to eat!

Sometimes the food is bland, sometimes it's too salty and sometimes we just don't like the atmosphere! Today we went out on another adventure to find good asian food.

We wound up going to Tung Sing on 31st St. This place was bad. I'm talking really bad. We started off with miso soup and salad. The soup was OK, but the dressing on the salad was definitely bad. So that was disappointing. Next Tika and I decided to share our dishes. We ordered two rolls (avocado and eel and yellowtail (I think) ). We also ordered Shrimp with mixed veggies and brown rice.

The rolls were blah! The wasabi tasted like it lost it's wasa and the shrimp with "mixed" vegetables was basically broccoli and onions fried in an overly salty brown sauce. I was not too thrilled.

So, Tika and I are still on the prowl for a good asian restaurant near us. HELP!

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