Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting PUMPED for lunch...

Today I had a delicious lunch with my coworker, Elisa. Since I'm focusing on eating right, I suggested we go to The Pump Energy Food. All of the dishes at Pump are comprised of lean protein, complex carbs and nutrient dense vegetables and legumes. You can create your own or select from the many meals they have to offer.

As Elisa and I stared in awe at the delicious meals, we had a hard time deciding because we wanted it all:-) We finally had a brilliant idea(thank you, Elisa). We would order two dishes we liked and split them in half! Yay, we got the best of both worlds! I ordered the Spicy Diligan twist which is a wrap that has brown rice, spicy bison meatballs, cucumbers,tomatoes,peppers and onions with a yogurt dill sauce and "hot" hot sauce. Elisa ordered the Mondorito Twist which is a wrap with brown rice, mixed greens,marinated chicken, 3 bean veg chili, tomatoes, peppers and onions, grass fed cheddar, guacamole and "hot" hot sauce. Both wraps were delicious! I definitely had all the basics of the Cinch! In my meal, but I did have a lot more than expected. Here's the breakdown: Whole Grains: brown rice, wrap Protein: meatballs, chicken,beans, cheese Produce: tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed greens, onions, pepper Plant fat: guacamole So, I had an extra whole grain and two extra proteins. I will make this up by having a produce heavy salad for dinner. Now, onto some great news! My friend Elisa's wedding dance is being featured on The Martha Stewart website! Check out her video here :-) OK- I have two more goals to accomplish for today: get my INSANITY workout in, go for a run. How's your day going?

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