Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I did manage to accomplish one of my two goals today. I completed my INSANITY workout. Yes, today was day 2 of month one and today we had Plyometric Cardio Circuit. This workout is 41 minutes long. There's the standard warm up followed by the standard stretching. Once you get through the stretching you have about 20 minutes of actual intense working out. Sean T gives you two sets of circuits which are done three times each. The second circuit is the hardest as they are all level one drills....fierce!
To my surprise I had a lot of energy for this workout. I know I put my all in and my form and reps were great. This could be because I'm already familiar with the workout. All in all, like most INSANITY workouts, the time flew by and before you knew it...I was dripping a pool of my own sweat. Gross, I know.

Did you get your workout in today?

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