Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Losing the last ten pounds...

Yesterday morning I got on the scale and saw I did not lose any weight. In fact, I had gained a pound. I was not shocked,no...I totally expected this. In fact, I was surprised I only gained one pound. After all, my weekend consisted of zeppoles, two types of crepes, chocolate mouse and an all you can eat Indian Chinese buffet. After all that, the one pound weight gain didn't really shock me. Oh, I also managed to get no exercise what's so ever. So, the weekend has come and gone. Monday I made smart food choices through out the day. Today I plan on doing the same. While I was at the gym yesterday I watched The Dr. Oz Show. I love Dr. Oz, he's my hero. Anyway, Dr. Oz was explaining the benefits of losing just 10 pounds. By just losing 10 pounds you decrease your chances of heart disease, cancers and cholesterol. By losing just 10 pounds you gain more energy and confidence. Also, losing 10 pounds is an extremely reasonable goal! So, I decided to take Dr. Oz's advice and just focus on losing 10 pounds. With this commitment, to make a conscience decision to eat healthy and exercise, you gain a new sense of motivation. Next time I eat at a buffet, I'll think to go easy, after all I just need to lose 10 pounds. This can definitely be done and you can do it too! Setting small, realistic goals will help you get back on track! Dr. Oz even has a free bracelet you can order and wear, just to remind yourself to stay on track. To get started, I suggest you all visit Dr. Oz's website (www.doctoroz.com) and take the Just 10 Challenge. You can also sign up to receive a free Just 10 bracelet, which will serve as a constant reminder to stay on track. How about we take the Dr. Oz challenge and commit. ourselves to eat right and exercise and to lose just 10 pounds!

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