Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just 10 Challenge: Made it through dinner....

Dinner tonight was Afghani food, which actually resembled indian food a lot. I think I did pretty well with dinner. I ordered the eggplant and lamb with salad and rice, but I asked for no rice and extra salad. I ate all of my salad and some of the lamb and eggplant. I don't know how many calories this was but I did not have any non complex carbs. I also went to Pinkberry for dessert. I ordered a mini twist of original and chocolate with about a tablespoon of toasted almonds. The Pinkberry mini's rank in at 90-100 calories. This is not bad at all for a dessert and certainly better than ice cream. All in all, I feel today was a very decent day and considering I ate outside for lunch and dinner, I think I did pretty well. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning to see if any damage has been done! Have you guys joined the Just 10 challenge

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