Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just 10 Challenge: Day 4 cont.....

I did buy my almond butter and had my usual breakfast of ezekiel's bread, almond butter,banana and cinnamon. This breakfast usually holds me over for about three hours, then I need something to refuel. Lately, I've been having a yoplait Splitz yogurt. Odd, such a decadent flavor can be made with regular sugar, but if you look at the ingredients for a regular Yoplait yogurt flavor, you'll see its made with high fructose corn syrup! Anywho, my yogurt held me over until lunch time. Lunch was a wonderful 'Rainbow Salad' with a light sun dried tomato vinaigrette. This was sooo delicious! I call it my 'Rainbow Salad' because I had most of the colors of the rainbow in. Red cherry tomatoes, orange and yellow peppers, green spinach and some chickpeas and broccoli for fiber.

The salad held me over until 5:30. Then I reached for a hearty Kashi bar. I call it hearty because it was certainly bigger than a granola bar. The Kashi bar ranked in at 230 calories -a bit high for a snack, but I also knew I would be working out later and did not want to be famished. Needless to say, the Kashi bar was delicious! Its 8pm and I even worked out, but I'm still not hungry!

Like I said, I did do my workout today. I did 30 minutes of cardio on the stair master and then I did my sit ups/ crunches. For cardio, I burned 300 calories -atleast that's what the machine said. Even though I'm not too hungry, I still need to eat a healthy dinner...let's see what I come up with :-)

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