Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 18: Just 10 Challenge -My slip up

Day 18 of the Just 10 Challenge was not too great from lunch onwards. First of all, I did something that I had not done since starting the challenge, which was mindless snacking. This was not a little mindless snacking but I had quite a few sweets w hile talking to co workers. That was mistake number one. Mistake number two I ate a lot of Indian food last night, and this was not the healthy type of indian food. Mistake number three: I did not go to the gym. This morning I was very afraid to get on the scale, but I did and the weigh in was an extra pound. Now, not so bad, but when you think that I have not lost any weight in a few days and then I go ahead and gain a pound...that hurts. Of course I know what I did wrong and everyone has their slip ups, but I need to stay focused. The good thing, I'm realizing this now, when I've only gained a pound, instead of realizing it after gaining the five pounds that I lost back and then losing total motivation! Also, on a side note, I realized after eating all that junk food yesterday, I did feel a bit funky... So, we all mess up, but the key is to get right back on track right away rather than wait!

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