Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 9: Just 10 Challenge

Hello Everyone, Due to technical difficulties I was not able to do a weigh in today. No, I did not break my scale, but it had stopped working. Oh, but don't worry, I know you guys are waiting with anticipation for tomorrow's weigh in :-p Ok, so how was today? Well, I started off with the usual breakfast. Lunch was a little cheese,marinara sauce and veggies. Snacks consisted of Chobani yogurt and carrots. I also had one mini bag of peanut m&m's. These guys were totally mini because two bags have 120 calories and I only had one bag. I also managed to get my workout in! Yay, that's two days of workout done and three more left! Let's see what's in store for dinner. How was your day?

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