Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just 10 Challenge: Day 6 cont....

So, you all know how I did for my weigh in and breakfast. I did manage to get my workout in. I did a 30 minute run outside. I also did a mini ab workout. So, today being the weekend, there was a lot of eating out, but I do think I handled my eating out healthfully. For one, I had Subway for lunch, but they were out of their whole wheat bread. Since I did not want to eat their whit bread, I got a buffalo chicken sandwich loaded with veggies. I then asked them for a bowl and put all of my sandwich innards in there and behold, I had a buffalo chicken salad sandwich. This is a great tip for any sandwich.

Along came dinner and I had Chinese food. So here's my tip. I ordered chicken with garlic sauce and asked for extra broccoli. As Dr. Oz says, broccoli sweeps the colon. I decided to get some cleaning done. None the less, ordering extra veggies is a plus. Anywho, I then added a bit of some of my own frozen veggies (more broccoli) and mixed half of this with my chinese take out. By doing this I was able to eliminate half the fat and sodium.

My goals for the day were accomplished. I was able to get my exercise in and eat right. Tomorrow is another day... Hope your all doing well!

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