Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just 10 lunch

So far my day has been going well! This mornings breakfast was the usual: two slices of ezekiel's toast with almond butter and a sliced banana. I also had my usual snack of a 90 calorie Yoplait Spitz yogurt. These are so delicious! I had the strawberry sundae flavor. Not only are they 90 calories, but they are also all natural. A great snack to hold me over til lunch! So, I knew I would be going out for lunch today, just didn't know where. I thought, ok wherever we go, I'm sure I'll be able to at least get a salad. We wound up going to a diner and I decided to get a Greek Omelet made with egg whites, tomatoes, peppers, onions and feta. My omelet came with plain rye toast and fries. I had one piece of toast and one fry. I feel like this was a fairly healthy lunch. I even asked that they make the omelet with little oil. Now, to get through dinner!

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