Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hump Day Eats...

Good Morning!  I'm so happy we are already into Thursday! After today, we are one more day closer to the weekend :-)

Alright, let's get into Wednesday eats. 

Yesterday, I started off my day with a big, hot, mug of black coffee. I love the taste of coffee, that's why I prefer it hot and straight up!

Along side my mug of coffee I had a delicious oat waffle topped with sliced banana and almond butter. I love this breakfast and look forward to it every morning. 

A few hours later, I got hungry and had a small handful of pretzel crisps. 

I also had some carrots and celery. It's Wellness Week at work, so these were all over the office. 

I made it to the gym soon afterwards and got 30 minutes of cardio in. This happened on the stair master: 

More on my workouts later...

After the gym I had a turkey and cheese sandwich using Ezekiel bread. This hit the spot since I was ravenous. I also had grapes and a banana. 

By the time dinner time came around, I was RAVENOUS!  Dinner was Trader Joe's Vera Cruz fish and salad with cilantro dressing. 

This was delicious. 

I was still hungry so this happened:

Smoothie made with berries and almond. 

And that my friends is what I ate on Wednesday. 

I am currently typing this up on the train. Starving and waiting to eat this soon:

If you are on the east coast stay warm peeps. If you're on the west coast, I hate you :-p

Peace out for now!

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