Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Restaurant Review: Bombay Sandwich Co.

Bombay Sandwich Co. is a new and healthy Indian sandwich shop that has opened in Chelsea. Ever since I heard about this place I was dying to try it! 

Not only is the food full of flavor but it's all vegetarian and full of good for you ingredients. 

When walking into Bombay Sandwich Co. you know it's a small space that has been decorated very clean, neat and simple. You walk in and you feel like you are walking into a warm, inviting place. There's something about the comforting atmosphere and the warm hearted people that make you want to stay. 

Bombay Sandwich Co. uses local ingredients and pairs them up with fragrant Indian spices. The menu offers an array of dishes such as platters, salads and bowls, all of which are gluten free. Sandwiches and wraps can also be ordered but are not gluten free.  

Last week, I ordered the Bombay Club which is potato, cucumber, onion and tomato in between THREE layers of seven grain bread. In between all the fresh veggies was a schmear of green chutney. Ah, heavenly. This was so fresh, the toasted bread added a great crunch and heartiness. The green chutney added deep, smoky flavor. 

I also ordered myself a cup of chai (black tea infused with ginger and cardamom and milk). The chai was very delicious and comforting on such a cold day. You could taste the ginger in every sip. The chai was also milky without feeling heavy and was slightly sweet.

The chai was great but then I sampled the cardamom coffee. OH MY GOOODNESS!! This is the first time I had cardamom coffee and it blew my socks off. At first, I didn't know how I would like the combination of cardamom and coffee but as soon as I took a sip I realized these flavors should have married a long time ago. We are talking a rich coffee taste paired with a sweet slightly licorice like flavor, blended with creamy milk. I could seriously have this every day. Good job Bombay Sandwich Co. 

Overall, I LOVE this place and am excited to try out more dishes. Next time, I'm going to get myself a bowl and a smoothie (I'm looking at you, Yogis Choice :-p). 

Bombay Sandwich Co... Keep dishing out these amazing, healthy and flavorful dishes!

Address:  48 west 27th St. Ny, Ny
Web: http://www.bombaysandwichco.com

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