Friday, January 10, 2014

Thursday Eats...

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Looks like we made it :-)

Alright guys, let's get through today and we will be good to go. 

I changed up my breakfast a bit because I ran out my oat waffles. Yesterday I had two slices of Ezekiel toast topped with peanut butter and banana. 

This kept me full till lunch time. I made the mistake of not making enough meals for the week.  This had lead me to grab lunch from Europa. Yesterday I had a whole wheat pasta dish with vegetables (broccoli, mushrooms, onions), and  chickpeas topped with marinara sauce. I also had a whole wheat roll on the side. 

Dinner was a very fun night out with the hubs. We went to Junoon, a DELICIOUS Indian restaurant owned by the renowned chef Vikas Khanna. Junoon is an awesome date night place. I love the atmosphere and the staff is so nice and accommodating. 

Our meal started off with a complimentary soup. This was a warm, comforting shot of carrot ginger soup topped with a dab of cream. 

For our main course, the hubby and I shared Murg Labadar, which is chicken tikka in a tomato and onion sauce.  We also had Paneer Aur Mirchi Ka Salan, which is spiced cheese with green pepper in a peanut tamarind sauce. To go with our dishes we ordered a fragrant red Bhutanese rice and white rice. The chicken was in a rich and spicy cream based sauce.  The paneer tasted very nutty and creamy, but was not as spicy as the chicken. 

Once our main course was finished, we happily moved onto dessert :-)

I ordered the Coconut Rice Pudding, which was out of this world delicious!!! It was so creamy and full of coconut flavor. It was also topped with ginger ice cream: Heaven :-)

All in all it was a wonderful evening :-)

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