Monday, June 6, 2011

Morning...thinking about breakfast

Mornin All,

This weekend was certainly fun filled and foodtastic! Yesterday I enjoyed a whole lotta Indian Chinese at Nanking and also learned how to make a delicious cheese toast for breakfast. Cheese toast recipe will be posted later on. Last night a huge portion of eggplant lasagna was also consumed :-)

Yes... A lot of good food was invloved this weekend, but I also managed to complete my last week of INSANITY's recovery week!! This evening I will start my first workout for month 2, which is suppose to be an hour long. Sean T better make that hour go fast :-p

So, it's not even 9am and my tummy is grumbling for food and I'm thinking about what to have for breakfast today. Right now, I'm heading towards a Greek yogurt, topped with blackberries and chia seeds. Although, a peanut butter almond milk smoothie doesn't sound to bad either. Ah, stay tuned to see what was decided!

How was your weekend? What are your breakfast plans for the morning?

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