Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ch Ch Chia Breakfast....

This mornings breakfast was very delicious, nutritious and very filling. So filling that I did not need a snack between breakfast and lunch. Lunch was at 2:00pm. Lately, I've been trying to have meals that are nutritious and keep me full till my next meal. I'm really trying to cut down on snacking because I feel I snack too much and once I start, I can't stop and waste a lot of calories on mindless eating.

Going back to today's breakfast I had an Ezekiel sesame seed bun topped with sunflower seed butter, banana and some chia seeds. I loved this breakfast so much that I think I will be having it again tomorrow :-)

Hope you all have been eating healthy! Also, it's very important to remember to stay hydrated in this heat.

Stay tuned: brief explanation on chia seeds...

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