Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 9 recap

Good Morning!

Day 9 was another good day. I started my morning off with a big bowl of chopped fruit with a 1/4c of almond flour mixed in. Iced green tea on the side.

At noon I had a So Delicious vanilla yogurt as a snack. Earlier in the day I had stopped by Whole Foods and picked up a brown rice avocado cucumber roll. There were 12 pieces in this roll. The roll tasted good but there was something about that made it not so great :-(

Between lunch and dinner I had 1/2c of plain oatmeal. Dinner was really simple but I forgot to snap a pic. I had brown rice with Trader Joe's Asian stir fry veggies. Dessert was a bowl of cherries and blueberries. I also had a banana a couple of hours later.

I felt really great tummy wise yesterday. I had no issues and also managed to get a sweat inducing circuit workout in!

Now, I'm already on day 10, on my way to work and thinking about breakfast :-)

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