Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's a Whole Foods Dinner....

Dinner tonight was courtesy of Whole Foods. I stopped by earlier to pick up some ingredients to make blueberry oat breakfast muffins. While at Whole Foods I stopped by the hot foods section and luckily they had plenty of vegan, no oil options :-)

In a little container I packed in "The Green Squad" which had rainbow chard, yellow bell pepper and purple cabbage. I also packed in "The Mediterranean Crunch" which had chickpeas, broccoli florets, tomatoes and olives. Lastly, I layered in some "Detox Salad" which had minced broccoli, carrots, peppers and tons of ginger!! I mixed this all together in my small container and had a deliciously expensive ($10- SERIOUSLY!) vegan, no oil dinner :-p

I also saw Whole Foods was selling books with recipes from Forks Over Knives. That explains the no oil, vegan meals :-)

Day 1 is almost over. So far so good!!

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