Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Recipe Alert: Quick Mocha Almond Iced Coffee

Every Saturday I try to wake up as early as I can and haul my butt over to the gym. I feel it's just better and easier to get my workout out of the way as early as possible. Not to mention, there's a grocery store right next to the gym and it always helps getting my grocery shopping out of the way when there are no lines or crowds.
Anywho, since I don't have time to wait for a pot of coffee to brew up, and heaven forbid I start my day without coffee, I make a super quick iced mocha almond coffee and take it to go with me. This is so delicious and gives me a good pick me up for my workout! I literally make this in less than a minute.

Here are the deets:

1c unsweetened almond milk
1.5TB instant coffee
1TB coco powder
Optional: splash of almond extract

Throw all ingredients in a magic bullet or blended and whiz away. Pour over ice and enjoy!

I suggest you try this out ASAP!

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