Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And We Are Back...

Good Morning, Everyone!!!

How have you all been? I had a wonderful time in Paris. This is a city that is so beautiful and has so much history. It also has AMAZING food. There's so much flavor in all the food I ate. I'm not talking about food full of flavor from spices, I'm talking about food full of flavor from the main ingredients. The quality of food in Paris was unbelievable!

Well, I'm now back to healthy eats and exercising :-). I'm still on my smoothie kick. I even bought myself a nice 24 oz. Tervis to drink my smoothies out of. Every morning I have a smoothie which consists of yogurt, fruit, unsweetened almond milk, flax seeds and two cups of spinach. Trust me, the smoothie may turn green but you don't taste the spinach.

My lunches have been a lean protein (thank you, Trader Joe's) and veggies. Lately, I've been buying marinated meat from Trader Joe's and it has been delicious, convenient and healthy! More in this in another post.

Dinner again has been a lean protein and veggies. FYI... My lunches are usually left over dinner from the night before.

As far as the gym goes, I'm on a cardio kick. I try to do a 5K on the elliptical a few times a week. Also, thanks to my awesome brother in law, we now have a pull up bar. Every night the hubs and I TRY to do pull ups. I'm still in the "well, at least I can hold on" phase :-p

So, how have you guys been? I now leave you with some of my healthy eats :-)

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