Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nutrition Terminology 101 - Reading Labels

These days it can be quite frustrating reading nutrition labels. I feel everything is low in this and an excellent source of that. However, when you know what the terminology is, your next trip to the grocery store can be much easier! Follow the guide below to a less stressful grocery shopping trip.
"No, Free, Without, Zero" - these words usually mean the product contains none or trivial amounts of a nutrient.
"Low, Few, Little, Contains A Small Amount" - the nutrient is in the product, but does not exceed dietary guidelines.
"Reduced, Lower" - the product has 25% less of a nutrient or calories than the regular version of the product.
"Excellent Source Of, High In, Rich In" - one serving of the product has 20% or more of the daily value for the nutrient.
"Good Source Of" - one serving of the product provides 10-19% of the daily value of the nutrient.

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