Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting my protein on...

This morning I wanted something different from my usual cereal or oatmeal. I wanted a sandwhich, but not a very sweet one like PB &J. This is how I came up with my Strawberry Ricotta Breakfast Morning Sandwhich!! Not only did I get my fiber from my bread (6 grams, thank you very much), but I also got my protein from the ricotta cheese -10 grams ppl!! Best of all, this filling breakfast sandwhich was only 4 WW points!!!
Here are the deets:
2 slices of whole wheat toast (try to pick one with atleast 3 grams of fiber/slice)
1TB of all natural strawberry jam
1/4c of fat free ricotta cheese (I used Polly-O)
Spread the cheese on slice of toast, and the jam on another. Bring the two together to form your sandwhich.

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