Friday, May 24, 2013

Healthy Memorial Day Weekend...

Hello and Happy FRIDAY!!!! Finally, the day has come and we can look forward to a THREE day weekend!

Any plans this weekend?  I plan on doing some grilling and working on the patio garden. I'm excited about the patio garden. There's just something about growing your own herbs and produce and using them in meals. More on this later. Ok, lets get to having a healthy three day weekend...

One of the things I like to do over long weekends is make sure I stay on a healthy eating track. Of course, there's always room for indulgences but the scale won't show this if you eat healthy most of the time and manage to get some exercise in. Here are some tips for staying on track during a weekend of BBQ's, parties and late nights out!

  • Stay hydrated - water is your best bet here. For 0 calories, carbs and fat, water helps stabilize hunger and flush out toxins in your body. 
  • Going to a few BBQ's? Bring a healthy side dish. This way you know there will be something you can enjoy guilt free. 
  • Stick to lean meats and veggies from the grill. The great thing about grilling is some of the fat from the meat and marinades drip off while being cooked and you still have very flavorful meat and veggies. 
  • Watch your portions. Try not to eat meat portions that looks like more than a deck of cards. Fill extra space on your plate with veggies. 
  • If going to a dinner party DO NOT decide to eat nothing all day to save up in calories. If you do this you will be ravenous by the time the party comes around and over eat. Instead eat light before hand. Instead, munch on fruit and veggies during the day and have a light breakfast and lunch. 
  • Go ahead and have some dessert but watch your portions and if you know you are going to indulge get a little extra exercise in during the day. You'll feel better about having dessert instead of over indulging and feeling guilty. 
  • Try to get some exercise in. Go for a walk, bike ride or run. Really...just do something :-p

These are just a few tips that I have.  How do you guys stay healthy during a long weekend?

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