Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back To The Grind...

Good Morning!

Wow, the three day weekend flew by! None the less, it was a great weekend! I have to say though...yesterday was probably the coldest Memorial Day on record. 

Well, lets go over the shenanigans from the weekend, shall we?  Friday night was great. Had dinner with friends at The Beechwood in Jersey City. I had a delicious roasted veggie sandwich with a broccoli salad on the side. My sandwich was full of flavor and had a schmear of pesto on there.  Mmm...mmm good!

Saturday morning I prepped a delicious lunch. I made a lentil chili (recipe from the Whole Foods app). The chili was full of veggies, fiber and protein. I forgot to take a picture, but I do have leftovers and will take a pic tonight. I love the Whole foods app. I've never had a failed recipe when I follow recipes from this app. Anywho, the chili was served with a side of couscous, bread, grated cheese and sour cream. A healthy and delish meal! 

Oh, the other star of the meal was dessert. I made Nestle dark chocolate chocolate chip cookies. 

What was even more exciting was my sister, brother in law and my little munchkin were joining us for lunch. We love when everyone comes over and just chill out. That little one... I'm telling ya... I'm so lucky to have her in my life <3

The rest of Saturday was spent doing absolutely nothing. We did clean a little bit and went out for a bit, but really, that was it.  For dinner we made carna asada steak salads.  
Oh yes, another delicious and healthy meal!

Sunday we finally made it to the gym. I forgot, I have a 5K to run in June. I just started practicing :-p Eh, I'll be fine! The rest of Sunday was spent running errands, grocery shopping and walking around. 

Sunday morning breakfast:

Finally, we get to Monday! Monday started off with breakfast with fam at a diner. Followed by a fun filled, getting lost in woods hike! Really, it was fun, we had a great time and plan on doing it next weekend also. We also bought a map for next time. We went hiking in South Mountain Reservation (entrance conveniently located near the diner :-p ). We started off on the Lenape trail which was six miles. The Lenape trail was marked with yellow tags. Somehow lost yellow, ran into some white, throw a little blue and green in there and after some time wound up back in the parking lot from a totally different entrance! It was really fun though. I'm just glad we had eaten. We were already starving when we found our way back!

After the hike and some lunch, I went to work on our patio garden!!!  Ohhh, I'm so excited about this! This year we are growing:
Cayenne peppers
Bell peppers

The patio garden took a couple of hours but looks great!

Finally, dinner last night was had on the balcony. We made burgers and salads. We really did try to enjoy the weather and layered up with fleeces, but it was still chilly. I have to say... I am looking forward to more evening dinners on our little balcony... It's time well spent that we  enjoy!

So, that's my weekend in a nutshell. How was yours?  Now, back to the grind...

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