Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Wonderful Wednesday...

Good Morning!

I'm so excited about today because it's going to be a hot day :-). I really hope this summer weather is here to stay. The weather yesterday was not too bad either. It was suppose to rain and luckily it didn't. It was also a nice night to sleep with the windows open. 

I started off my day with coconut pancakes with cinnamon apples and banana. 
Boy, did I miss my pancakes! I made a batch the night before and heated these babies up the next morning. The cinnamon apples were delicious paired with pancakes. All I did was chop up an apple and sprinkle with cinnamon. When I warmed my pancakes and apples up the next morning it was like eating a warm apple pie. 

Luckily, this breakfast held me over for a few hours. I took my lunch break and headed over to the gym. I completed two sweaty miles on the treadmill. Not bad, but I'm trying to get to three miles at a decent pace (6.0?). 

Once I finished my workout I needed to eat my lunch. Enter my roast beef sandwich that I made the night before. Oh so delicious. Roast beef, cheese and mustard between two slices of ezekiel toast. Totally filling but lacking veggies :-(. 

My sandwich held me over for a few hours, then it was snack time! I had plain, non fat Greek yogurt with carrots. This little snack held me over till dinner time. 

An hour and a pedicure later, I was headed home.  We made a delicious Vera Cruz fish (thank you TJ's) and salad dinner. The best part... we ate out on our patio and had a blast. The evening weather was so nice! We lit up our citronella candle and stayed out on the patio for a while enjoying dinner, dessert and conversation :-) Nice night. 

For dessert I had a serving of my avocado ice cream. Delicious. 

I have to say my day was filled with eating right, getting exercise in and having a nice evening! Oh, also watching DVR episodes of the last season of The Office. 

Hope you all had a good day!

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