Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting My Food On...

Wow...already into Hump Day. This week is flying by! I hope you all had a great evening. 

Yesterday I completely forgot to make my breakfast and bring it to work. I definitely love to splurge on food, but on good food. Not on a bowl of oatmeal that I overly paid for, that I could have made myself! Anywho, so, I started my day off with a small bowl of steel cut oats with a banana mashed in. I got the oats from Pret A Mangier and they were delish!

Lunch was a chicken lime burger and a salad. All leftovers from the previous day. Sadly, no picture since I inhaled it :-p

A little while later I snacked on a Chobani non fat lemon yogurt. Mmm..mmm perfectly tart and sweet. Also, kept me full until dinner time :-)
Yesterday, was so cold and rainy. All I wanted for dinner was something warm and comforting. Thank goodness I had leftover lentil chili!! Oh yes, this totally hit the spot. I heated up a bowl of lentil chili and had a slice of ezekiel toast on the side. This was an awesome dinner followed by watching DVR episodes of The Mindy Project! Oh, I love Mindy! 

I also managed to make today's breakfast last night. Here's a sneak peek:  
:-) Enjoy your day!

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