Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 4...Going Strong

Hello Friends, Yesterday was day 4 of my raw food diet and the day was completed successfully. I have to admit, the previous three days left me pretty groated out and bloated, so I did avoid the groats all day. For breakfast I had papaya, watermelon and banana all very good and delicious for a points value of 4. For lunch, I went to the raw food store and bought a raw organic pizza which had the following ingredients: sundried tomatos, raisins, lemon juice, olive oil, basil, red onion, garlic, miso, peppers, parsley. The 'crust' consisted of olive oil, tomatos, sunflower and flax seeds, agave nectar and sea salt. I really wish these meals had the nutritionals on them. I am guesstimating this meal to have 10 points. For dinner I had Chipotle, but made sure it was all raw. I got a 'burrito bowl' comprised of salad, guacamole, tomato salsa and onions. All probably 6 points (it was the guac ppl). So far the raw thing is going ok. Maybe its too soon to tell, but I am looking for changes. I have noticed that I am probably getting way more fiber than before. I also like the fact that I can pronounce the ingredients of everything I eat and I have more of an interest in trying different types of foods...durian anyone? What I should focus on is preparing more robust raw meals. I think to truly benefit from this experience I need to learn how to make a 'tuna' sandwhich or 'pizza'. This is probably something I will experiment over this weekend. Now, I have to be completely honest with you. I am in day 5 of my raw food journey, but as I stated in the beginning of this challenge, I'm sure there will be days where I cannot eat raw all the time. Unfortunately, today is one of those days. I have a dinner engagement to go to tonight and there will be no raw food there. Knowing that I will not be rawing it tonight, I let myself have a bagel with cream cheese this morning and again, I will be totally honest, my stomach is really not liking the bagel this morning. Now, because I know I don't feel all that great after eating the bagel, I know I will be raw fooding it til my dinner tonight. Also, this is the only day this week that I plan on not completely raw fooding it, so this journey is not over! Any question?

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