Thursday, February 4, 2010

***Recipe Alert: Spicy Vegetarian Tacos***

Hello Everyone,
Lately, I've been on a soft taco kick. Not only are they so fast to make, but with just a few ingredients, these tacos are low in points and yet, oh so delicious! Enjoy one of my most favorite soft taco recipes below:
4 corn tortillas, toasted on an open flame on your stove
2TB of shredded romano cheese
1/2c of shredded cabbage
1c of small white beans
1/2c of salsa of your choice
1/2c of chopped cilantro
1 packet of taco seasoning mix
Heat the beans on your stove and mix in the taco seasoning mix.
Evenly divide each ingredient into fourths.
Lay the tortilla's on a flat surface and top them with each of the remaining inredients.
Servings: 2, each serving has 4 WW points!!!!
For another variation of this recipe using black beans, go to www.!

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