Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 1: Raw fooding it...

So last month I went on a raw food diet for a week, this time I am attempting to go on a raw food diet for a month. Well, I'll be honest, a slightly raw food diet. Yes, I will eliminate coffee, but I am still staying with my green tea. Now, why am I doing this for a month? Well, this is sort of my way of detoxing my body. Trying to eliminate all the processed food and toxins from my body. Now, I am not abandoning WW by an means. In fact, I am incorporating my raw food diet within my points system. Just because you are eating healthy, raw food, too much of this can cause weight gain as most raw foods have a lot of nuts incorporated into them. Lots of nuts = lots of fat and calories! So, I thought I would document my raw food experience with you all. Some of the recipes I have are from raw food books, others are from myself. They are all tasty and I will share as much as I can with you, so lets begin! Breakfast -My Muesli 1/4c groats, soaked over night and drained the next day 1TB of raisins 1TB of chopped almonds 1TB of cinnamon 1TB of flax seed 1/4c. of almond mylk (recipe from Ani Phyo's raw food book) Mix all of this in a bowl and enjoy! Total points: 5.5 Now, I know this is more points than usual for my breakfast, but lets see if I will need a snack later on! PS: Ill post a pic tonight!

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