Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 3...Another day, another blizzard...

Day 3 of my raw food journey was all spent in my apartment. Thanks to mother nature the east coast got pounded with a blizzard where all schools and most offices/businesses were closed. I literally live 5 minutes away from the mall, and couldn't even step outside to make it there. None the less, it was a snow day! A day spent inside all day is a good day to eat whatever you want, be lazy and cozy and I did exactly this, except everything I ate was of raw food form :-) Luckily, the night before I ventured out to the grocery store and stocked up on some essentials. My breakfast was a little bit different yesterday. I had dehydrated buckwheat groats, with bananas, raisins, cinnamon and mylk for a total of 5 points. Buckwheat groats have a different taste, texture and form from oat groats. If you are ever looking for a healthy, crunchy yogurt topping, I would say buy some dehydrated buckwheat groats. For lunch I made a salad using half of an avocado, fennel, cilantro, onion, shredded cabbage and lemon juice, mixed together and seasoned with salt and papper for a total of 4.5 points. I also had two snacks: an orange, groats and raisins total of 3 points. By the time dinner hit, my stomach was not feeling too well. I think it's because of all the fiber I've been taking in, but I definitely felt bloated and did not want to eat anything heavy. So, I took 2TB of all natural peanut butter and chopped of up an apple, and made a shake out of this, using filtered water. This was very delicious, but really, really filling (I guess it was the PB), which did not help my stomach. Also, all of this was 6 points. I still feel bloated today. I'm trying to stay away from groats anything today (these babies containg A LOT of fiber!!). I am however looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow morning! How are you guys doing?

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