Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello there...

Hello Everyone, We have officially completed one whole month of the new year! How have you guys been doing so far? I hope you are all planning your meals well and trying to get some sort of physical activity in your day. January was alright for me. I only had a total weight loss of 3lbs. (I did gain a pound, so I went from 4 to 3). One thing that has helped me out a lot is making sure I have my breakfast ready in a fast way (thank goodness for instant oatmeal), and planning out my lunches during the week. I have some great recipes which I will share with you in a later post :-) How have you guys been doing? What do you find to be your biggest challenge?


  1. Hey Kanwal, Not too bad this month. I have not gained anything but have not lost anything either. I guess I am learning the tricks of maintenance with WW. But I am going to get back on track and start losing again.


  2. Hey Dimple,

    It's all about planning. Plan out your snacks to be atleast 1-2 points. Definitely no more than 3 and carry these around with you if you can. If you are working, try to plan your lunches out as well.