Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Your Favorite Foods...

What foods can you absolutely not live without? My staple foods are: Yogurt -as long as its non fat Peanut butter -I try to keep it somewhat healthy and choose the SmartBalance brand Arnolds Sandwhich Thins - perfect for sammies EVOO - definitely has to be a good brand Fruits - mainly what's in season as its always fresher (I'm on a papaya kick these days) Balsamic Vinegar - again, definitely a good brand, especially to pair up with my EVOO String Cheese - Sargento reduced fat cheddar is awesome Individually wrapped chocolates - Dove and Hersheys are awesome! Just one will satisfy a chocolate craving Coffee - yes I NEED my coffee every morning Various veggies - again whatever is in season Dr. Praegers Bombay Curry Veggie burgers - I've never had such aflavorful veggie burger Hmm..I'm sure I have tons more and will continue to update. What are your favorite foods?


  1. whole wheat couscous - it takes 5 mins, bake some chicken w/ some veggies or make a stew, dinner in 20 mins..

    jello fat free/sugar free pudding, always have that on hand..

    arnold's light oatmeal bread

    munester cheese

    too many to name.. :)

  2. On a weekly basis, I definetly need the following items:

    -- Arnolds Sandwich Thins
    -- Any kind of fat free yogurt...Should not be more than 1-2 pts.
    --Light Soymilk --I like either Silk or 8th Continent
    --Veggie Burgers -- Any from MorningStar
    -- MorningStar Sausage Crumbles
    --Onions, Tomatoes, peppers
    -- Fruits: Apples, peaches, pears
    --GNU Nutritional Bars
    --Lowfat/Fat Free Plain yogurt
    -- Any kind of Fat Free Cheese

    I think this is a good list to share.